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Yasuhiro Honda Full professor,
Dean of the Faculty of science and Engineering
Laboratory Laboratory of mechanical dynamics
Main research interests Vibration and noise reduction of reciprocating internal combustion engine; design and manufacture of transferred research/student formula car
Research overview Currently, electric vehicles are being developed from internal combustion vehicles for automotive services owing to the depletion of oil fuel and the need for environmental conservation. While a lighter internal combustion engine with high output is required, it is further demanded to decrease the vibration noise. We are researching ways of decreasing the vibration noise. In addition, through the design and production of a student formula car, we are also conducting research on the power and motor performance of future automobiles.
Instructing Courses Mechanical Dynamics A/B, Internal Combustion Engine, Basic Course for Technologists A/B, Project-Based Practical Design and Manufacturing B/C, Introduction to Research and Development, Experiments of Mechanical Engineering, Seminars A/B, Graduation Thesis
  • Formula car manufactured by students
    Formula car manufactured by students
  • FEM analysis of engine cylinder block
    FEM analysis of engine cylinder block