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Takahiro Ohashi Full professor
Laboratory Laboratory of Deformation Engineering
Main research interests Research on multi-point support structure of molds, development of fiber reinforced ice, research on forming process of hollow parts, etc.
Research overview Our research is based on our motto "Enjoy the devising and ingenuity of mold technology and processing technology using molds". In addition to the laboratory and student room on the 3rd floor of Building 7 in Kokushikan University Setagaya Campus, we also have a research space inside the mechanical training factory on the basement floor of the Maple Century Hall. By providing various press machines, various material testing equipment, inspection and measuring equipment, including servo press machine, We are trying to create an environment that can meet the latest research needs
Instructing Courses Mechanics of Materials A/B, Project-Based Practical Design and Manufacturing C, Introduction to Research and Development, Experiments of Mechanical Engineering, Seminars A/B, Graduation Thesis
  • servo press machine
    servo press machine
  • Mold structure
    Mold structure