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Kimitoshi Sato Associate professor,
Head of the graduate school of mechanical engineering course
Laboratory Laboratory of thermal engineering and thermal processing
Main research interests Infrared heating support forming process; heat dissipation of electronic equipment
Research overview The main theme of our laboratory is the use of infrared heating for forming processes. Most materials absorb infrared rays and generate heat; however, compatibility (transmission/absorption) differs depending on the wavelength. Because there is no contact between the material and light source (heat source), it is possible to raise the temperature of the material by a method different from contact with a high-temperature object, that is, mainly radiation and not convection/conduction (e.g. frying in a frying pan, melting with a soldering iron, etc.). Furthermore, when cooling is introduced, unprecedented phenomena can be realized, such as surface cooling and internal melting. We are also conducting applied research focusing on "laser resin welding without thermal damage".
Instructing Courses Heat Transfer Engineering, Energy Engineering, Machine Design Drafting and Digital Technical Product Documentation B/C, Project-Based Practical Design and Manufacturing B/C, Introduction to Research and Development、SeminarsA/B, Graduation Thesis
  • Infrared heating equipment
    Infrared heating equipment
  • Application example of laser resin welding
    Application example of laser resin welding