Message from the head of the department

The first step in realizing the “dream”

What dreams do you have?

I have two dreams. One is to contribute to society as a mechanical engineer and researcher by realizing my own ideas and concepts for systems and technologies involving robots and mechatronics equipment. I hope to create a new type of robot that helps others feel comfortable and happy. My other dream as an educator in mechanical engineering is to train and mentor engineers, researchers, and educators who have similar dreams as my own.

Mechanical engineering is an academic field that underpins many aspects of our material culture. Problems and challenges that can be addressed by mechanical engineering will always be present as long as humans use and need things. Therefore, mechanical engineering is a vital part of realizing the dreams and aspirations encompassed by monozukuri.

Features of mechanical engineering education

In the mechanical engineering department, we are striving to achieve our dream of applying the spirit of monozukuri. Consequently, our faculty members, staff, equipment, and systems are guided by the principles of monozukuri.

Learning the fundamentals of mechanical engineering

Students learn about thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, mechanics of materials, and dynamics of machinery, which form the foundation of the mechanical engineering field. In addition, students can acquire higher expertise in their fields of interest.

Studying the expression and communication of ideas for monozukuri

Monozukuri requires the accurate expression and communication of personal ideas. By studying mechanical design and drafting in the Digital Technical Product Documentation course, students master the basic techniques of mechanical design and drawing, which will enable them to respond to future technologies related to monozukuri.

Proposing and achieving new goals based on acquired knowledge and skills

High-level skills can be acquired by the practical application of knowledge. Students experience research and development, product development, and manufacturing technology development in society and companies in Project-Based Practical Design and Manufacturing, which is a project-based learning program. This allows students to set their own goals and to solve problems in order to achieve their goals through their teamwork and individual ideas.

Selecting a research theme from a wide range of mechanical engineering fields

The graduation research project is the culmination of four years of study. Currently, there are eight faculty members in the mechanical engineering department engaged in research in various fields. Students can select their research theme according to their grades, not only from a specific field in mechanical engineering but from a wide range of research fields.

Let's take the first step together to make the dream of monozukuri come true!