Excerpt of course requirements (reference)


The following information will change depending on the year of entry. You should always refer to and follow the Academic Guidebook (course requirements) for the Faculty of Science and Technology for your year of entry.

Graduation requirements and conditions for starting graduation research (mechanical engineering)

Graduation requirements

Students must be enrolled for four years and earn the specified number of credits or more in each subject area, with a total of at least 124 credits.

Course Category Number of credits
General education courses
(minimum 18 credits)
Compulsory course
(physical education practice)
Electives 16 or more
Foreign language courses
(minimum 8 credits)
Compulsory courses (English 1 to 4)
(international students are required to study Japanese)
Electives 4 or more
Speciality subjects
(minimum 86 credits)
Common compulsory subjects in science and engineering 9
Compulsory courses in mechanical engineering 55
From departmental and academic speciality electives 22 or more
Number of credits required for graduation 124 or more
  • •The minimum numbers of credits required for the three subject categories in the table (General Studies, Foreign Languages, and Specialised Studies) are 18, 8, and 86 credits, respectively, for a total of 112 credits. The remaining 12 credits required for graduation must be taken from the three subject categories listed in the table.

Conditions for starting gxraduation research (mechanical engineering)

  1. At least 105 of the 124 credits required for graduation must be earned.
  2. Students must have completed all 7 credits of compulsory subjects common to all science and engineering departments up to the second year.
  3. Students must have completed the basic research and development project course.

List of compulsory courses in mechanical engineering

(☆:Designated from common elective courses in the Department of Science and Engineering)

  • * Introduction to Mathematics course will be designated in April to select one subject each from A1, A2 and B1, B2 according to the proficiency level obtained by the placement test. Students designated to choose A1 and B1 should take A2 and B2 in their second year.

List of elective courses in mechanical engineering